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jeanette26 - about me

Over the years, I have received many signs of communication from angels. In addition to external sights and sounds, angels often imprint messages in my mind and give me information as I dream. Something I like to call ‘Angelic Downloads’.

At 16, I had a moment of illumination on my journey as a lightworker. Driving my car, I was stopped at a light, when I felt and heard the sound of another car grinding into mine. When I looked to my right, I saw the car which had seemed to collide into mine. It was waiting inoffensively for the light to change. I was baffled, wondering what it all meant, until two days later, while driving, I heard and felt the ugly metallic squeal of metal on metal. This time, what I experienced was really happening. The accident mirrored the one I intuitively experienced two days earlier. I understood that I had received a message from the angelic realm of an impending event.

I come from a line of 'knowing' women.  My great grandmother on my dad's side, was a healer from Sicily. People lined up outside her home to receive her healing touch and homemade herbal poultices. She always invoked the energy and guidance of Jesus.  It is what we know today as Christ Consciousness or Christ Healing. My mother, a native of Warsaw, Poland, was electric with intuition. She could see and feel presences around her and often startled us with premonitions of situations and events. Many which came to her in the form of dreams. Whenever I asked her about it, she would always say, "Call it a mother's intuition." She downplayed her abilities but I always knew it was more than that. I knew because like her, I've had it since I was a little girl.

As a teen, my connection to angels and intuitive experiences grew.  Being a sensitive, an empath, is who I always knew I was. The messages, signs and premonitions were a natural part of my day to day life. I began to read books about angels and psychic communication. I took classes on everything from astrology to tarot. This is when I began doing automatic writing.  These channeled messages I received often kept their own schedule.  Many times I was awakened and I would scrawl what I heard on the notepad I kept beside my bed. They came in short sentences, paragraphs, poems. I didn't know who the messages came from but my heart and mind told me the source was Divine. I called these "Messages from the Voice." While I dove deeply into this alternative world and sought to learn as much as I could, it took me a long time to intuit that working with angels should be my life's work.

Many years later, two distinct experiences changed all that.  Unlike the little nudges I would often get, these were life altering.  These events have brought me here today.

Angels shared the news with me multiple times that my mom would be passing.  The signs were everywhere. In my thoughts, my dreams and my being. And then, one day, she went from living to dying.  In the hours before she died, angels visibly swirled in our family room in the form of radiant orbs as we kept a bedside vigil. The angels were many and they were here to take her home.  I remember the energy in the room was electric.  Lights would flicker and buzz. Bright sparks would shoot from her body when we touched her. As she took her last breath, my father, brother and I watched her leave. We saw a luminous outline rise from her physical body which was now peacefully still. Her soul body was breathtaking. She gracefully moved to the corner of the room.  We were drawn to her light.  A soft hue of pink, she radiated and infused the room and each us with pure love. I could have stayed in that moment forever. And then, quite effortlessly she dissolved into the air.  She crossed over.  I was changed forever.

A few years later, I was in my office when the angels told me to get in the car and get to my dad.   As I pulled into the parking lot of his office, I saw the ambulance.  He was taken out of the building on a stretcher as I was getting out of my car.  At the hospital, I found he had suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm.  He was rushed to surgery but we were told it was likely he would not survive. I quietly sat in the waiting room but I was actually very busy calling in every angel, archangel, spirit guide and loved one I could think of. If a miracle was meant to happen, it would and it did.

Not only did my dad survive the surgery.  He was home within a week and recovered unusually fast and virtually pain free.  Not long after his surgery, I was made aware of the many synchronistic events of Divine timing that led to this miraculous outcome.  In addition, my dad shared something truly amazing that had transpired. When he awoke from surgery, he said he had to find the nurse who comforted him in the ER. Knowing the urgency with which he was moved into the OR, I knew the nurses had no time to sit with and comfort him.  I askedmy dad what happened.  He told me he couldn't see the 'nurse' because he couldn't open his eyes but he felt her hands gently cupping his face and in the voice of an angel she softly said, "Don’t worry Joe. Everything is fine. God is with you."  She had the voice of angel, because she was an angel.

When I made the decision to follow this path, I sat down and asked the angels "What do I do now?  How do I get started?"  I had a pad of paper and pen and I was ready for this amazing angelic dissertation.  I was ready for my step by step instructions and what I got was two words.  "Just Begin".  That was it.  And so it began.




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