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An Invisible Leash Of Light

Six years after their dog Brandy died, sisters Joanna and Lauren confessed to me their guilt and grief. They said they were teenagers when Brandy left; their parents were divorcing; the girls felt emotionally shut down by the turmoil in their home. They told me they judged themselves harshly for not loving Brandy the way [...]

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Messages From Mom

Spirit has been communicating with me since I was very young. I receive messages in a variety of ways: thoughts, feelings, visions and words. Sometimes the messages are confirmed through scents, objects, signs, songs. I also receive messages in my dreams and when I meditate. There have also been times when I received messages and [...]

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The Fragrance of Grandma

My Grandma was on my mind . She was slowing and everything was hard. Still, dinner for Grandpa was a must . I thought it would help if I brought dinner once a week. I wanted to help and also felt a call to spend time with her. The thought of visiting was followed by [...]

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